PSIL undertakes a considerable body of work to uplift and sustain the community in the settler areas.
The Company provides for teachers in 10 Pre-Schools situated in settler areas. This is our contribution to give children a head start in life and hopefully to help lead them to a more prosperous future.
We also build community centers and provide sports equipment for Youth Societies in these areas.


PSIL also seeks to support and conduct cultural activities in the region with the objective of enhancing the abilities and skills of students in rural schools, higher educational institutions and traditional art centers in the Moneragala District.
Thus we organize cultural festivals that include drama competitions, essay writing, folk singing, dancing and art exhibitions which are conducted in collaboration with the Cultural Officers attached to the District Secretariat of Moneragala.

The Company conducts farmer training programmes for settler farmers as described - in-house training on household dairy farming; outbound training programmes at Mahaberiyatenne Mid-Country Livestock Development Centre; mobile training programmes with video presentations in collaboration with our subsidiary, Pelwatte Dairy Industries (Pvt) Ltd.



The Company has looked into the development of general infrastructure in our locality and has involved ourselves in road maintenance work in the settler areas. We built a bridge in the Kukurampola area, which has reduced significantly the transportation problems that prevailed hitherto.
At the end of the day, all of us at the Pelwatte Group have felt truly fortunate to have been able to do what we can to support and nourish our communities.


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