PDIL expects to improve market facilities for locally produced fresh milk and milk products.

Accordingly the company will undertake the following activities;

  • Setting up milk collecting centers to collect fresh milk from the farmers living in four districts i.e. Moneragala, Hambantota, Ampara and Badulla.
  • Establish a Milk Processing Factory to process fresh milk of the farmers
  • Establishment of a Milch Animal Breeding farm and Farmers Training Center
  • Setting up a Feed Mill with a capacity of 60 MT/day/shift

The cow dung could be made use for generating bio-gas for cooking and lighting purposes and by doing so a farmer could save minimum of Rs. 2,500/- per month on fuel and electricity.

The byproduct of bio-gas pit is naturally composed fertilizer and the farmer can save minimum of Rs. 1,500 per month in applying compost fertilizer to the agricultural crops instead of applying chemical fertilizer.

With a herd of four (04) milking cows (local breed) a farmer can collect approximately 20 liters of milk/day and his daily income on selling milk would be Rs. 500/= at current rates. Accordingly his monthly income would be Rs. 15,000/=. Approximately Rs. 5000/= is required to set apart for veterinary care and quality animal feed (concentrates) in addition to the feeding of grass and tree fodder.

The maintaining cattle will have no cost as house wife or the children are looking after the animals when the farmer engages on other agricultural activity, industry or employment. Accordingly farmer household will earn a net income of Rs. 10,000/- per month by maintaining 04 milking cows in a systematic way.



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