Pelwatte Sugar Company Ltd. was incorporated in Sri Lanka on 19th February 1981. It was converted from a Private Company to a Public Limited Liability concern on 10th December 1982 and was first quoted on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) in 1984. In 1990, the company changed its name to Pelwatte Sugar Industries Ltd.

The extensive site at Buttala in The Moneragala district, about 225 Km by road east of Colombo, houses the main factory, several subsidiary companies that engaged in production of sugar, potable alcohol (ethyl), ethanol, power generation and bio-compost.


Our vision is to become an eminent and technologically most advanced South Asian sugar complex that produce 20 percent of sugar and 100 percent of alcohol requirement of Sri Lanka.

Our mission is to promote sugar cane cultivation, produce best quality brown sugar, alcohol and other products by ensuring sustainable income for farmers and creating a positive workplace for employees whilst guaranteeing remunerative return to the share holders.



PSIL recognizes the value of each and every employee from bottom to the top, and often appreciates their constructive approach and positive thinking.

The company takes every attempt to keep the employees a happy, committed and self motivated lot.

The company follows best practices to provide maximum welfare for sugar cane farmers while guaranteeing them with best possible income.

PSIL considers that the farmers i.e. settlers and out growers, are most valuable partners in the industry.

The company entertains both appreciations and constructive criticism from the stakeholders.

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