PSIL has taken steps to expand the cane cultivation into additional parts available of the district of Moneragala and Wandama area of Crown Land, elevation- up to 154 mt has been identified for further expansion.

This land is situated adjoining to the existing cultivation of Pelwatte Sugar Industries. Total extent of Wandama area is approximately 2500 hectares & 80% of the area had been abandoned after continued chena cultivation.

The company has established a solar powered “electric fence” from Demodara to Kithulkote of 18.5 kms that prevents wild elephants crossing the border into the cultivation.
In addition, the Elephant preventive trench too, has been excavated and completed parallel to electric fence.


Haldummulla area, elevation- up to 1034 mt, is situated in Haputale AGA Division of Badulla district, bound between Wellawaya- Koslanda and Haldummulla.

This area had been cultivated with sugar cane by Sugar Coporation then, in 1970’s and the main product was a juggery, presently only 80 ha of sugar cane of old varieties remaining for private millers for making juggery.

Today PSIL has identified this area of 2000ha of extent for sugar cane cultivation with improved and disease resistant varieties for planting.

Wandama- Map

Haldummulla- Map


Area 2008/2009 Maha 2009/ 2010 Maha 2010/ 2011 Maha Total Hectares
Wandama 750 400 400 1550
Haldummulla/ Aluthwela- A 315 400 400 1115
Haldummulla – B 215 200 300 715
Total Hectares 1280 1000 1100 3380



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